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Sanlam in Emerging Markets

By leveraging our expertise and experience, we are able to provide a wide range of services and resources to support our partners in emerging markets, who in turn provide consumers in their countries with innovative financial solutions.

  • We form partnerships with companies that have an understanding of the local environment/market conditions and share the same values and culture as we do
  • We entrust local boards and management to run the country operations
  • We believe in and support local job creation and skills development



Market Update - March 2017 Update - March 2017Market Update - March 2017Market Update: March 20172017-04-19T22:00:00ZStatistics SA reported that the local economy had contracted by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2016.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Customary Marriage - What You Need to Know Marriage - What You Need to KnowCustomary Marriage - What You Need to KnowCustomary Marriage: What You Need to Know2017-04-12T22:00:00ZYou can now choose whether you want to get married in either a civil union or a customary marriage. However, if you choose to enter into a customary marriage, there are a few things you need to know.GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Credit Rating Action by Standard and Poor's Rating Action by Standard and Poor'sCredit Rating Action by Standard and Poor'sCredit Rating Action by Standard and Poor’s2017-04-10T22:00:00ZStandard and Poor’s (S&P) has on 7 April 2017 downgraded the ratings of a number of South Africa-based Insurers and Reinsurers following similar action on the South African Sovereign. GP0|#c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b;L0|#0c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b|SENS Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Has the Post Downgrade Sell-Off Stabilised the Post Downgrade Sell-Off StabilisedHas the Post Downgrade Sell-Off StabilisedHas the Post Downgrade Sell-Off Stabilised2017-04-04T22:00:00ZThe downgrade by Standard & Poor’s of SA’s local-currency debt to one notch above junk and its minority foreign-currency debt to junk status has long been anticipated by markets.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Newly Appointed Independent Non-Executive Director Appointed Independent Non-Executive DirectorNewly Appointed Independent Non-Executive DirectorIndependent Non-Executive Director Appointed2017-04-02T22:00:00ZMr Paul Hanratty has been appointed as an independent non-executive director to the Board of Directors of Sanlam Limited, Sanlam Life Insurance Limited as well as to the Audit and Risk Committee.GP0|#c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b;L0|#0c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b|SENS Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Economic Report - March 2017 Report - March 2017Economic Report - March 2017Economic Report: March 20172017-04-02T22:00:00ZFebruary kicked off with three central bank meetings, continuing a slightly more hawkish tone with regards to monetary policy. Both offshore equities and bonds rose in USD, and equities continued to benefit.GP0|#a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e;L0|#0a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e|Economic Commentary;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Sanlam Group Announces Executive Changes Group Announces Executive ChangesSanlam Group Announces Executive ChangesSanlam Group Announces Executive Changes2017-03-27T22:00:00ZSanlam Personal Finance CEO, Hubert Brody, will resign on 31 May 2017. SPF Deputy CEO Jurie Strydom will replace him on 1 June 2017.GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Financial Planning Considerations When Investing Offshore Planning Considerations When Investing OffshoreFinancial Planning Considerations When Investing OffshoreConsiderations When Investing Offshore2017-03-26T22:00:00ZInvestors wanting offshore exposure have various routes they can take, but there are a number of considerations from a financial planning point of view that need to be taken into account.GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
The Recent Performance of South Africa Inc Recent Performance of South Africa IncThe Recent Performance of South Africa IncRecent Performance of SA Inc.2017-03-26T22:00:00ZThe concept of South Africa as a “company” with its own share price may sound strange, but it is nevertheless a useful way of gauging how it is assessed by financial market participants.GP0|#a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e;L0|#0a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e|Economic Commentary;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Tackling the affordability of education the affordability of educationTackling the affordability of educationTackling the Affordability of Education2017-03-09T22:00:00ZThe cost of education in South Africa remains a hotly debated topic, as the affordability issue impacts many parents and students.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Economic Report - February 2017 Report - February 2017Economic Report - February 2017Economic Report: February 20172017-03-05T22:00:00ZThe first month of 2017 saw the inauguration of President Trump and political headlines dominating the global arena. Despite the political noise, economic data has remained robust.GP0|#a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e;L0|#0a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e|Economic Commentary;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Acquisition of a majority stake in BrightRock Holdings of a majority stake in BrightRock HoldingsAcquisition of a majority stake in BrightRock HoldingsAcquisition of Majority Stake in BrightRock2017-01-24T22:00:00ZSanlam is pleased to announce that we have acquired a 53% stake in life insurance provider, BrightRock. Going forward the product range will be available through Sanlam Financial Advisers.GP0|#c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b;L0|#0c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b|SENS Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8

Sanlam Awards


Sanlam Employee Benefits

SEB was named Employee Benefits Product Supplier of the Year at the 2015 Financial Intermediary Association of Southern Africa (FIA) Awards


Sanlam Personal Finance

SPF won the Product Supplier of the Year Award in the Investment Products category at the 2015 Financial Intermediary Association of Southern Africa Awards


Sanlam Personal Finance

Sanlam Life scored the best in the 2015 SA Customer Satisfaction Index for the life insurance industry

Sunday Times

Sanlam Group

Johan van Zyl, Group Chief Executive, has been named the Sunday Times Business Leader of the Year 2014 in the annual Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards

Ghana Club

Sanlam Emerging Markets

Enterprise Life by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) – leader in the financial services sector (insurance category) 2012 – Ghana Club 100

PMR Africa award

Sanlam Emerging Markets

Botswana Life Insurance Ltd won a PMR Africa award diamond category

Fund Manager of the Year

Sanlam Investments

Kokkie Kooyman was named Investment Week’s Fund Manager of the Year

Imbasa Yegolide Awards

Sanlam Investments

Principal Officers Association awarded Sanlam Employee Benefits the 2013 Risk Benefit Underwriter of the Year award at the 2013 Imbasa Yegolide Awards for Professional Excellence

Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards


Santam was the winner of the short-term insurance industry category of the 2013/14 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards

Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards

Sanlam Group

Sanlam was named the top rated SA company in the 2012 long-term insurance category of the Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards


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