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WhatsApp campaign127844After the success of South Africa’s first-ever WhatsApp drama series in 2017, Sanlam Sky launched another series, Lives of Grace, in 2018. It reached over 35 000 subscribers.2019-11-13 10:04:14 AM
Playing Our Part to Reduce Environmental-Related Risk128100Climate change affects us all, which is why we investigate how to best incorporate environmental factors in all investment decisions. This way, we ensure that we achieve our environmental targets.2019-11-13 10:02:34 AM213
Business Volumes128119At Sanlam Investor Relations, we provide our clients with information and insights of new business volumes in the different sectors. Overall, new business volumes increased by 1%.2019-11-13 09:59:52 AM253
Strategy 2018122247Sanlam’s strategy has been consistent since 2003. Its overall purpose is to ensure that we continue to create value over the short, medium and long term. Our strategy is executed by all five clusters across different territories.2019-11-13 07:39:55 AM
Our Performance135895In the context of weak economic conditions in a number of our territories, including South Africa, Sanlam’s Group clusters delivered an overall resilient performance for the 10 months ended 31 October 2018.2019-11-13 07:38:08 AM
Capital Management128120The Group started the year with a discretionary capital of R2 billion, and a number of capital management actions during the year affected the balance of available discretionary capital, including the R13 billion Saham Finances transaction.2019-11-13 07:31:02 AM219
WWF-SA127842Sanlam has been working with the World Wildlife Fund South Africa (WWF-SA) since 2006. We are excited to announce that we signed a further 3-year partnership in 2018 and will be working with them on various initiatives.2019-11-13 07:14:32 AM
Conversations with yourself127845Sanlam’s ‘Conversations with Yourself’ campaign, launched in 2018, addresses clients’ shifting mindsets and changing financial needs by exploring the conversations an individual may have with himself at different life stages.2019-11-13 07:14:26 AM
Committed to Africa127847Sanlam has been investing in several African countries’ people and financial futures for more than 100 years. We want to build a continent of Wealthsmiths™ to develop a place full of opportunity for future generations to inherit.2019-11-13 07:14:22 AM
Blue Ladder Schools127848Sanlam aims to address educational challenges in South Africa and in emerging markets across the African continent. The Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools Programme is our flagship socio-economic development initiative.2019-11-13 07:14:18 AM

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