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Share Data and SENS1025672020-03-09 08:28:54 AM
Unit Trusts169178Sanlam Investments East Africa’s unit trust scheme offers three funds from as little as KSh2 500, giving you a choice of investment products to suit different risk profiles and help you maximise your returns.2021-04-08 01:09:05 PM
Governance 201852815At Sanlam Investor Relations, we take our leadership role and contribution to a stable financial system seriously. We are committed to encouraging financial resilience, well-being, prosperity and inclusion.2020-04-02 10:09:54 AM
Shares and Trading1025692020-03-20 02:14:07 PM
Sustainability 2018122251With our unique financial structures and risk management approach, Sanlam Investor Relations strives to create a system that encourages financial resilience and prosperity, enabling people to live their best lives.2019-11-12 02:50:57 PM
Investments East Africa168601Sanlam Investments East Africa (SIEA) is a leading fund manager that offers a range of investment solutions, unit trusts and financial planning services to individuals and institutional clients.2020-07-10 12:33:21 PM
Investment Insights169176Get all the latest investment insights to help you make informed investment decisions and maximise your returns. Contact Sanlam Investments East Africa to make your money grow.2020-08-18 09:33:02 AM
Contact455352020-07-08 01:28:41 PM
Governance690712020-03-04 07:09:46 AM
Sustainability1618002020-03-04 07:10:17 AM

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