​​​Employment Equity

Sanlam is committed to creating a truly South African company, free from all forms of unfair discrimination, with equal opportunities for all and where diversity is optimised to enhance productivity.

Sanlam views employment equity as an integral element of the Group's overall transformation initiative. Legislation is necessary for the removal of the economic legacies of structural inequality, and employment equity is an opportunity to strategically position the Group to achieve certain business objectives. Sanlam believes that each individual has the right to dignity, respect and the realisation of their potential.

The goals of Sanlam's employment equity initiative are to:

  • Strategically position the company in a shifting macro environment
  • Support the company's vision of creating a working environment that is conducive to attracting, training and retaining skilled people from all sectors of society
  • Entrench an organisational culture valuing diversity and respecting the inherent dignity and worth of each individual
  • Establish a diverse workforce, to best meet Sanlam's business objectives
  • Broaden the company's skills base
  • Give effect to the South African Constitution, the Employment Equity Act and the Promotion of Equality Act.​