​​​​Sustainability Management

Sanlam sees sustainability as not just a long-term economic imperative, but also as a social and moral imperative. Environmental, social and corporate governance issues therefore remain high on the Group’s agenda.

Sanlam Limited’s Board is formally tasked with the responsibility of championing sustainability within Sanlam’s business practices, and we allocate extensive resources and planning to ensure that our business is governed in a sustainable manner.

We believe that sustainability is not an isolated function, but is central to the way we do business. It is therefore owned and driven by the business, across all regions and business functions within Sanlam.

We make use of a Sustainability Management Framework (SMF) to manage and report on our sustainability position, and annually deliver a Sustainability Report to share our performance with our stakeholders.

Sanlam’s material pillars of sustainability are:

  • ​Sustainability governance
  • Developing our people
  • Products and services
  • Towards a prosperous society
  • Natural environment
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