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Every one counts. This belief is what drives us to help South Africans improve their financial wellbeing, live better lives and secure the future for the next generation.

Key to this is the Blue Ladder Schools project. Our initiative to tackle the maths problem in South Africa by partnering with schools across the country to improve their maths competency, and establish a generation of capable and competent learners.

The blue ladder schools

Why maths matters to everyone

Good numeracy skills are essential to everyday life. Without them, research shows people are twice as likely to be unemployed or have low paying jobs, which has a direct impact on their health and wellbeing.

But this is not just a social issue; it’s an economic one too. A country that is proficient in maths literacy is better equipped to prosper economically.

We know that developing these vital skills in our children will kick-start a positive cycle of learning, earning and saving. As Wealthsmiths™, that’s an investment we can’t afford to not make.

Learn, Earn, Save

Solving the maths problem, one Blue Ladder School at a time.

We’re partnering with schools across the country to improve maths competency and provide crucial health and wellness skills for learners.

75 Blue Ladder Schools have already benefitted.

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Our other initiatives

We’re improving the lives of all South Africans. From helping people make better financial decisions, to protecting our environment, we’re building a society of Wealthsmiths™ that make the most of what they have.

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