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Solving South Africa’s maths competency problem, one Blue Ladder School at a time.

As Wealthsmiths™ we believe that Every One Counts. Every child educated and every school changed is a success story in its own right and will positively impact the economy for generations to come.

The Blue Ladder Schools project partners with schools, educators and communities across the country to improve maths tuition, nutrition and upgrade key facilities. By doing this we’re giving learners a headstart on a brighter future. For all of us.

What do we do

Partner with schools across the country to improve maths competency levels.

Why do we do it

Every child educated has a compound effect on the economy for generations to come.

Who benefits?

The learners and educators, their communities and South Africa’s economy.

Making it possible for children to learn

Before we can improve maths competency, we need to ensure the school environments are conducive to learning. We’re committed to ensuring each school is a place where children are well nourished, looked after and supported on their learning journey. Our strategy for each school is as follows.

Amenities, sanitation and water

Getting the basics right (fixing classrooms, upgrading bathrooms) is essential to creating an environment conducive to learning.


A healthy diet ensures learners are able to concentrate. Healthy bodies ensure they don’t miss school.


It’s not all pencils and paper. Play helps develop a child’s imagination, intelligence as well as language, social and motor skills.


Good leadership in schools has a direct impact on their success as well as their maths competency.

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Blue Ladder Schools:

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    The first phase of the project, creating a clean and safe environment, has already rolled out across 75 schools in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape.

    R71 870 842



    Schools partnered with

    71 000

    Learners impacted

    *Results to be updated as project unfolds.