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Consumer Financial Education

Empowering our communities to become financially independent.

As Wealthsmiths™, we believe in enabling people to live their best possible lives, which entails being financially secure and independent. That’s why we're committed to educating South Africans and empowering them to make informed financial decisions. Through financial literacy and education projects we can ensure a better future for all.

The Sanlam Ayoba Financial Literacy Programme was established in 2016 for target schools, communities and worksites. It was designed by Ayoba (NGO) to empower communities, supporting more informed choices on personal financial matters. We believe that every South African should be well informed about their financial well-being to promote more informed financial decisions.

What do we do

We aim to reduce financial vulnerability by
equipping South Africans with the knowledge
and skills to make smart choices.

Why do we do it

To educate and enable South Africans to
live there best lives, being financially
secure and independent.

Who benefits?

The learners, their communities and
our economy.

Reducing financial vulnerability one project at a time.

All our partnerships speak to the 2013 mission set out by the National Treasury Department – “All South Africans, particularly those that are vulnerable and marginalised, are empowered to participate knowledgably and confidently in the financial marketplace and to manage their financial affairs, deal with their day-to-day financial decisions and make good choices about allocating their incomes.”

The outcomes of attending the financial literacy programme includes:

Analysing spending patterns, Controlling finances and budgeting, The importance of saving, Preparing for the future, Understanding debt.

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Project Ayoba is running

Project Ayoba:

Project Ayoba is running at the following locations:

    Our other financial education projects include:

    Project Qaphela & Wage Wise

    This progamme empowers workers, specifically those in the mining, energy and construction sectors as well as their communities.


    Sanlam Campus Financial Education Programme

    This programme, which was launched in 2013, addresses university students and is aimed at helping them understand the connection between money and emotions.


    Sanlam Investments Trustee Training Programme

    Pension funds are responsible for safeguarding and growing the investments and savings of their members.