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Welcome to your Sanlam Investments Employee Value Proposition. It’s about what our business promises to you as an employee of Sanlam Investments and what you promise the business in return. It is up to each and every one of us to make sure we continuously do our best to improve the lives of each other and all our stakeholders.


Our purpose at Sanlam Investments is to improve the lives of all our stakeholders through the investment solutions we offer. Our values underpin and drive all we do.

We have been contributing to the broader community we work in for almost 100 years. This applies most especially to our clients who are the lifeblood of our business.


We can be the most client centric, the most admired, the most exceptional and the most successful group of Investment businesses in South Africa on all the relevant measures.


The work that we do, and being able to deliver the best value to our clients, requires strong relationships, networks and collaboration.

Therefore, connectivity is probably the most important springboard for future success.


We recognise that the only thing that matters to people is how you treat them. We have been and always will be a business that cares about our people.

We recognise the long hours that you put in and the strong results you deliver. But we also recognise that work is only a part of your life.


At Sanlam Investments you drive your own development. Your growth is key to us thriving as a successful business.

Once you have demonstrated to us your commitment, your energy, and passion, you have the world at your feet.


Performance at Sanlam Investments is not one dimensional nor is it short term. Sanlam Investments competes in what can be likened to a marathon rather than a sprint.

The people who sustain exceptional delivery in their functional area and who live the values, who demonstrate passionate ownership of the business over the long term, will be handsomely rewarded over time.

A Quick Survey

Thanks for taking the time to understand what we mean by each of the six pillars central to Sanlam Investments employment experience.

We would like to know your personal experience and perspective on each of them. How are we doing?

In order for us to be able to continuously improve both across the Cluster as well as in the individual businesses, we would appreciate it if you could add your specific business (Please select an option on the drop down below ).

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