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Governance 2018 Governance 2018


The Sanlam Board takes its leadership role and contribution to a stable financial system seriously and is committed to supporting financial resilience, well-being, prosperity and inclusion. MotsepePatrice MotsepeDeputy Chairman. Non-executive Director. Director since 2004.02002.00000000000000 MOTSEPE.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, MOTSEPE.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 NkosiSipho NkosiLead Independent Director. Independent Non-executive Director. Director since 2006.03003.00000000000000, GildenhuysAnton GildenhuysAppointed Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer: Sanlam Limited in 2015.0033.000000000000000, NondumoKarabo NondumoIndependent Non-executive Director. Director since 2015.09009.00000000000000 NONDUMO.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, NONDUMO.PNG?RENDITIONID=5
Lazarus ZimIndependent Non-executive Director. Director since 2006.12000 Zim.png?RENDITIONID=5, Zim.png?RENDITIONID=5é LambrechtsLizé LambrechtsAppointed Chief Executive Officer: Santam Limited in 2015.0044.000000000000000 LAMBRECHTS.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, LAMBRECHTS.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 MokokaMathukana MokokaIndependent Non-executive Director. Director since March 2018.00013.0000000000000, HanrattyPaul HanrattyIndependent Non-executive Director. Director since 2017.06006.00000000000000, SimelaneRejoice SimelaneNon-executive Director. Director since 2004.100010.0000000000000 SIMELANE.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, SIMELANE.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 RouxRobert RouxAppointed Chief Executive Officer: Sanlam Investments in 2015.0088.000000000000000, ZinnShirley ZinnIndependent Non-executive Director. Director since December 2018.130012.0000000000000, MbheleSydney MbheleAppointed Chief Executive Officer: Sanlam Brand in 2019.0010.0000000000000, MvusiTemba MvusiAppointed Chief Executive Officer: Group Market Development in 2004. Executive Director. Director since 2009.08055.000000000000008.00000000000000 Mvusi.png?RENDITIONID=5, Mvusi.png?RENDITIONID=5 Alsworth-ElveyThinus Alsworth-ElveyAppointed Chief Executive Officer: Sanlam Corporate in 2019.0011.0000000000000, OlivierWikus OlivierAppointed Acting Chief Financial Officer: Sanlam Limited in 2019.01212.00000000000000, ModiseJeanett ModiseAppointed Head: Group Human Resources in 2019. Executive director.151313.000000000000015.0000000000000, BirrellAndrew BirrellIndependent Non-executive Director. Director since 2019.0505.00000000000000 BIRRELL.PNG, BIRRELL.PNG BothaAnton BothaChairman: HR Committee. Independent Non-executive Director. Director since 2006.05004.00000000000000 BOTHA.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, BOTHA.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 SwanepoelChris SwanepoelIndependent Non-executive Director. Director since 2011.110011.0000000000000 SWANEPOEL.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, SWANEPOEL.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 WerthHeinie WerthAppointed Chief Executive Officer: Sanlam Emerging Markets in 2019. Executive Director. Director since 2016.12099.0000000000000014.0000000000000 WERTH.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, WERTH.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 KirkIan KirkAppointed Group Chief Executive Officer in 2015. Executive Director. Director since 2015.07011.000000000000007.00000000000000 KERK.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, KERK.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 van ZylJohan van ZylChairman. Non-executive Director. Director since 2016.01001.00000000000000 VAN ZYL.PNG?RENDITIONID=5, VAN ZYL.PNG?RENDITIONID=5 StrydomJurie StrydomAppointed Chief Executive Officer: Sanlam Personal Finance in 2017.0022.000000000000000, MasilelaElias MasilelaIndependent Non-Executive Director since 201916016.0000000000000, /productcatalog/SanlamPeoplePhotos/Elias_Masilela.png

Chairman’s Report

Sanlam’s 100th year was characterised by two major corporate transactions and heightened focus on governance. Sanlam’s Chair, Johan van Zyl, provided his perspective on a few key questions that summarise the main focus areas for the Board during the year.

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Our Governance at a Glance

The Sanlam Board is overseeing a group of companies that has been in business for more than a century. Its role includes safeguarding this legacy and ensuring that the Group continues to create value for generations to come. Our governance structures enable us to consider and balance the needs of all of our stakeholders. We believe that this creates sustainable value and trust.

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Our Remuneration Approach

Our approach to remuneration follows our strategic intent to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. The Board is responsible for the governance of remuneration.

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Our Reporting Approach

The elements of Sanlam’s integrated report can be found in different sections of this website or as pdf documents in the download centre. These all form part of our Annual Reporting Suite – a combination of targeted elements to enable you to make informed assessments about our performance and prospects. Here we explain the purpose of and approach to reporting, with an invitation to make contact and give us feedback.

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