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Thought leadership through fact-based insights

Sanlam Benchmark Survey

The Sanlam Benchmark Survey provides a comprehensive review of South Africa’s retirement industry and offers insights that enable a wide range of stakeholders to make informed decisions about the funds they invest in or manage.

Ultimately, this contributes to a positive financial outcome for retiring South Africans.

Inside the survey

Sanlam Employee Benefits (SEB) collects data, conducts interviews, and publishes and distributes the annual research survey. This research is based on long-term trends and is primarily retrospective – the events that shaped the retirement fund industry. In 2017, the survey focused on transforming hindsight into foresight with the aim of ‘future-proofing’ stakeholders to mitigate potential negative impacts on the retirement industry.

Research was expanded to include individual consumers of financial services to better understand drivers of individual financial wellness. Employee benefits consultants were interviewed to understand their views on the changing dynamics of the formal retirement funding sector.

Benchmark Symposium

The outcome of the survey was shared at the annual Benchmark Symposium. Benefits for retirement fund trustees, members and financial advisers include access to simple and easy-to-understand information to improve their knowledge around retirement matters, and their ability to take responsibility for their own retirement needs and engage more readily with funds on specific issues.

Survey insights enable retirement funds to design benefit structures and communication strategies based on membership needs and current industry trends. By improving the levels of savings for retirement, the industry is in a position to improve the current savings level in South Africa.

The Sanlam Benchmark Survey is a leading example of value creation through collective stakeholder participation and information sharing. The infographic below sets out the different components of the 2017 research programme.

  • consumers of financial services.
  • interviews with professionals.
  • focus group discussions.
  • employee benefits fund consultants.
  • standalone funds (incl. 10 union funds).
  • participating employers in umbrella fund

Learn more about the Sanlam Benchmark Survey on the website:

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