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Feedback from the users of our report

Sanlam has more than 450 000 shareholders, who constitute one of our material stakeholder groups.

In addition to our engagement through results presentations and general meetings, the annual reporting suite is one of our main channels of communication to our shareholder base, and also to sell-side investment analysts.

Our reporting philosophy is founded on providing our shareholders and the broader investment community with relevant, transparent and value-adding information to enhance the investment analysis process. We again elicited feedback from our largest shareholders and sell-side analysts this year to determine their satisfaction with the quality and materiality of information provided in this report.

Feedback insights

Sanlam’s response

The full annual reporting suite is the most preferred source of information when assessing performance, with the sustainability report a secondary source of performance assessments.

The five sustainability chapters of 2016 were refocused following a materiality process to provide more succinct
and relevant reporting to our stakeholders. The Resilience Report links our sustainability clearly to our purpose, and identifies the indicators that would alert readers to progress, challenges and opportunities in this regard.

The financial review, Group Chief Executive’s strategic review and the Operational review by the Group Chief Executive are the top ranking sections according to the order in which the report is read.

We included the 2017 performance reports in a clearly identified section in this report, with the more static information presented in separate sections. The shareholder value drivers have also been included in the Sanlam Snapshot in the Integrated Report, rather than an appendix – based on the feedback and ranking.

The content of the Integrated Report covers the aspects that our shareholders deemed necessary, with additional detail to be considered for the international operations (Saham Finances, Shriram Capital, other SEM operations) and human resources.

More detailed commentary has been included in the
Financial and Operational Review and additional information on the SEM operations have been included in the Shareholder Information section. The annual reporting suite elements
are explained visually to guide readers on where to find information that is not specifically included in the
Integrated Report.

We asked shareholders how much importance they attached to external assurance of the content of the Integrated Report. 84% regarded external assurance as important to very important.

The assurance process is explained in more detail on page 146 and further assurance of material non-financial elements will be considered.

Shareholders indicated a high level of understanding of the company’s strategy and long-term objectives, risks and opportunities after reading the report and are highly satisfied with the level of materiality applied. A small minority would like to see some expansion.

We continue refining our reporting content in line with the requirements of the Framework and our stakeholders’ expectations – and appreciate that our current disclosure is achieving its purpose.

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