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Our Performance Our Performance

Our Performance

2018 Annual Results

Performance Highlights 2018

We celebrated 100 years of value creation for our stakeholders in 2018. We faced major headwinds in our centenary year, which makes the 11,6% RoGEV per share we achieved a fitting tribute to our resilience, diversification and ability to execute under adverse conditions.

Financial review

Return on Group Equity Value per share


Net result from financial services

+ 4%

New business volumes

R223bn + 1%

Net value of new covered business (VNB)

R1985bn + 8%

Net VNB margin

2,67% 2,94% in 2017

Group Chief Executive’s Strategic Review

Sanlam continues to do well on a relative basis despite tough times. We remain a South African-based business committed to retaining clients and attracting new business despite a low growth environment in some large markets, including South Africa. In the current environment we are spending even more time with our clients to assist them with the challenges they are facing.

Operational Reviews

Collectively, the five clusters delivered robust overall growth in key performance indicators for 2018, supported by our diversification across geographies, market segments and lines of business.

Operating Environment

Global and local economic conditions, and dynamic regulatory landscapes, created the backdrop against which Sanlam initiated two major transactions during 2018.

10-month Operational update

The Group clusters continued to execute their operational strategies and delivered an overall resilient performance for the 10 months ended 31 October 2018. This is a pleasing result in the context of weak economic conditions in a number of our territories, including South Africa our largest market, and significant volatility in global investment and currency markets. The South African equity market had a particularly weak month in October.

Net result from financial services

+ 2% up 3% and excluding structural activity

New business volumes

R188bn +3%

Net value of new covered business (VNB)

+7% up 12 % on constant economic basis

More about our performance

Interim results 2018

Operating conditions were very challenging during the first six months of 2018 across a number of markets where Sanlam operates. The Group’s well-diversified profile across geographies, market segments and client offerings provided resilience against these headwinds, enabling us to deliver an acceptable operational performance while continuing to create sustainable value for all key stakeholders.

Group Equity Value per share

7,4% for the six months

Net result from financial services

+ 8% up 10% in constant currency

New business volumes

R110bn -1%

Net value of new covered business (VNB)

R791m +1%

Net VNB margin

2,46% 2,61% in 2017
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