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Strategy 2017 Strategy


Sanlam’s strategy has remained largely unchanged since 2003. Our strategic intent of sustainable value creation for all key stakeholders remains firmly in place and is executed through four strategic pillars.

RoGEV: Key quantative measurement

RoGEV is a robust financial performance indicator that measures the value we add for our shareholders and reflects how successful we are in creating value for our material stakeholders.

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Strategic pillars

Sanlam’s vision and strategic intent is pursued through a strategy focussed on four pillars. Here we explain the underlying aspects of each strategic pillar in more detail.

Profitable top-line growth through a culture of client-centricity

Extracting value through innovation and improved efficiencies

Enhancing Sanlam’s resilience and earnings growth through diversification

Responsible capital allocation and management

Our strategy in action

The five clusters have their own targeted strategies in support of the Group strategy, which are all reviewed annually. Here we summarise the strategic intent for each cluster.

Understanding key risks

To provide the benefits underlying our products and services and to sustainably create value for all stakeholders means that we are exposed to a range of risks. These risks, however, also create opportunities for innovation and differentiation. We distinguish between strategic and operational risks, which are mitigated through a mature risk management governance structure.

Operational risks

The bottom-up approach embeds risk management into Sanlam’s day-to-day operations. Maintenance of risk registers and reports in each area control this process.


Our key strategic risks

Some of our risks include: Poor economic growth, Disruptive threats/Fourth Industrial Revolution, Cyber-risk and Human resource scarcity/stretched resources.

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