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The Value We Create

Our five core business activities are all executed by the clusters and reflect a diverse presence in the financial services value chain.

A positive growth cycle

Through our business activities, we accumulate premiums and pools savings on behalf of clients. We provide ancillary financial services so that clients are able to create and protect their wealth.

We invest the funds we accumulate responsibly in a range of asset classes, enabling us to grow our clients wealth through investment returns and to protect wealth by being able to pay benefits if unforeseen events cause financial loss. We also grow our clients’ wealth by accelerating their ability to accumulate assets through ancillary financial services such as lending. Our shareholders share equitably in the overall wealth we create through the fees and margins we earn from our financial solutions.

Society benefits from the stability that we provide to the financial system. We also act as a funder of government and corporates, thereby contributing to economic growth and socio-economic development. By creating value for society we enhance the size of our client base and the talent pool from which we attract the skills we need to operate.

Through our business activities, we create a positive cycle of financial resilience and prosperity that enable individuals, organisations and communities to build a world where they can live their best possible lives – which is why Sanlam exists.

Our four pillar strategy keeps us focused on what we need to do to create value sustainably, thereby activating a positive growth cycle for Sanlam and our stakeholders.

Our strategic pillars


Continuous transformation is central to Sanlam’s ability to adapt to a changing world and underpins all of the strategic pillars.

Our Business Model Outcomes per Stakeholder Group

  • R11 billion paid in remuneration
  • Number of employees increased by 4 639 to 21 267 (excluding advisers)
  • Sanlam was certified as a Top Employer 2018
  • Employees are part of a skilled and experienced workforce with appropriate incentives to drive high performance
  • Employees have career mobility opportunities in a group with five clusters and a presence in 44 countries
  • Long-term financial security: people can retire with dignity or absorb the impact of unforeseen events
  • Sanlam’s finalises claims fairly with proportionately fewer disputes awarded against Sanlam
  • Clients make decisions based on sound advice that meet their needs
  • R87 billion paid out to clients
  • Policy benefits paid and increase in value of policies: R91 billion
  • Third-party funds outperforming over five years: 57%
  • We consistently outperform our RoGEV hurdle rate
  • We continue to increase our dividend in real terms through a stable dividend policy
  • Dividend payments of R6 billion
  • Fees generated through the distribution of Sanlam products and services
  • New business opportunities through our partnership model in Africa
  • Reliability of products, service and solutions that are supported by a Sanlam governance framework and risk management capability
  • Trust in the financial sector as ethical and fully functional
  • R62 million invested in social projects to empower communities
  • R74 million support by the Sanlam Foundation for the Blue Ladder schools programme to date.
  • Execution on government’s social agenda of job creation and empowerment
  • R4 billion paid in taxes
  • Participation in business and industry initiatives to stimulate economic growth and stability
  • Compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
  • Effective control and reporting through a combined assurance approach

The Outcomes for the Group Determine our Competitive Advantages

  • We have a first-mover advantage in the Rest of Africa and an unmatched Pan-African presence.
  • We can offer multinationals a holistic financial services solution in Africa.
  • Our omni-channel distribution approach creates seamless interaction and comprehensive support to enhance the personal intermediary model with a strong direct sales capability.
  • Our large, stable South African base and mature book allow us to invest in other high-growth, but more volatile territories.
  • Our employees are highly skilled, motivated and focused on delivery according to the four strategic pillars.
  • We have a strong, stable capital position to support growth.
Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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