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Creating a world worth living in

We have been creating value for stakeholders since 1918 – for almost 100 years. Our world has changed beyond recognition over this time.

The pace of development is increasing exponentially, creating opportunities, presenting challenges and opening ways to improve future prospects for all. At Sanlam, the essence of our purpose has not changed: to build a world of Wealthsmiths™, supporting people in living their best possible lives through financial resilience and prosperity at the individual, organisational and societal levels.

Sanlam is one of the biggest internationally active insurance groups globally, and is classified as a domestic systemically important financial institution in South Africa. As one of the largest financial services groups in Africa, we are a key pillar of the continent’s infrastructure – and any material instance of failure or impairment of Sanlam would have a significant impact on the economies in which we operate.

We therefore take our role and contribution to a stable financial system seriously and are committed to supporting financial resilience, well-being, prosperity and inclusion. We achieve this in a sustainable manner by creating shared value for our stakeholders.

The profile, impact and influence of our different stakeholder groups transformed over the ten decades in line with the changing world. They require new responses to changing economic, social and political environments. Over time, the needs and value perceptions of stakeholders have also changed, with Sanlam often in a position where our strategic decisions have to balance different stakeholder groups’ interests.

On this website, we explain our insights and strategic response to remain true to our purpose. These define and recognise the need for Sanlam to contribute to financial resilience and prosperity in all the markets where we are present. Resilience generally describes the capacity of a system, be it an individual, an organisation, the environment or an economy, to absorb internal and external shocks, and deal with change while continuing to flourish. At Sanlam, resilience is about protecting our stakeholders against the potential negative financial consequences of these events. We create financial prosperity through enhancing people’s ability to maintain financial independence beyond their income-generating capability. The focus areas and outcomes that ensure the sustainability of Sanlam’s contribution to financial resilience and prosperity are set out in detail in the Resilience Report, which is supplementary to our Integrated Report.

The different sections of our integrated report reflect on our journey in 2017 by describing how we enabled financial resilience and prosperity for individuals, organisations and society, while looking forward to the next 100 years.

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