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A Snapshot of Sanlam

Sanlam was established as a life insurance company in South Africa but has since transformed into a diversified financial services group that operates across the African continent, India, Malaysia and selected developed markets, with listings on the Johannesburg, A2X and Namibian stock exchanges. In 2018 the Group celebrated its centenary as well as 20 years since demutualisation and listing in South Africa and Namibia.

Sanlam is one of the 50 largest internationally active insurance groups in the world with a presence in 44 countries.

Our vision is to be the leader in client-centric wealth creation, management and protection in South Africa, to be a leading player in Pan-African financial services with a meaningful presence in India and Malaysia and to play a niche role in wealth and investment management in specific developed markets.

Sanlam operates through a number of subsidiaries, associated companies and joint ventures. Sanlam Life is the largest operating subsidiary and the holding company of most of Sanlam’s operations in emerging markets.

Sanlam has a decentralised management structure and conducts operations through five business clusters: Sanlam Personal Finance, Sanlam Emerging Markets, Sanlam Investment Group, Santam and Sanlam Corporate. The Group provides comprehensive and tailored financial solutions to individual and institutional clients across all market segments. Sanlam’s areas of expertise include insurance (life and general), financial planning, retirement, investments and wealth.

The Group also has stakes in operations based in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mauritius, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Angola, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia and the United Kingdom and has interests in the USA, Australia, Burundi, Lesotho and the Philippines.

Institutional shareholding


Offshore shareholding


Direct BBBEE shareholding


Top 30

of the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index

Shares issued on the JSE

2 232 million

JSE shareholders

443 550

JSE Top 20 based on market capitalisation

R178 billion (on 31 December 2018)

Index Series constituent


Our Business Cluster Profiles

Sanlam has a decentralised management structure and conducts operations through five business clusters. The clusters are focused on specific markets and/or market segments and are supported by a centre of excellence at Group level, which sets tight principles within which the clusters must operate. The clusters are interdependent and complementary in their offerings and approach, thereby ensuring that the value of the whole is larger than the sum of the parts.

Sanlam Personal Finance (SPF)

SPF is responsible for the Group’s retail life and investment business in South Africa. It provides clients with a comprehensive range of appropriate and competitive financial solutions, designed to facilitate long-term wealth creation and protection.

  • Sanlam Sky Solutions (Sanlam Sky) is responsible for funeral cover business and related services.
  • The Recurring premium sub-cluster provides risk underwriting products, excluding funeral cover business, and recurring premium savings solutions.
  • Glacier is responsible for single premium life and linked investment savings plan (LISP) solutions.
  • Strategic Business Development is an incubator for new initiatives and manages ancillary services businesses.

6 903 employees at the end of 2018

Sanlam Emerging Markets (SEM)

SEM constitutes Sanlam’s financial services offering in emerging markets outside South Africa, with the aim of ensuring sustainable delivery and growth across its various businesses.

Focus areas include:

  • Retail and Group life insurance and related business
  • Credit: secured and unsecured
  • General insurance
  • Investment management

4 730 employees at the end of 2018

Sanlam Investment Group (SIG)

SIG provides retail and institutional clients in South Africa, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe access to a comprehensive range of specialised investment management and risk management expertise.

Focus areas include:

  • Investment management
  • Wealth management
  • International investments
  • Corporate credit
  • Debt and equity structuring

1 483 employees at the end of 2018


Santam provides a diversified range of general insurance products and services in Southern Africa and internationally to clients, ranging from individuals to commercial and specialist business owners and institutions.

Santam’s international diversification strategy focuses on reinsurance business, specialised insurance products, and its role as technical partner and co-investor in SEM’s general insurance businesses in Africa, India and Malaysia.

Santam’s business units include:

  • Santam Commercial and Personal
  • Santam Specialist
  • MiWay
  • Santam Re
  • Santam Emerging Markets Investments

6 076 employees at the end of 2018

Sanlam Corporate (SC)

SC targets chosen corporate clients with financial solutions underpinned by:

  • Employee benefits (providing risk and investment solutions and administration services to institutions and retirement funds)
  • Health solutions
  • Institutional offerings sourced from other clusters

1 494 employees at the end of 2018

Sanlam Group Office

The Sanlam Group Office is responsible for Group strategy, capital and risk management, and capital allocation to clusters. The following functions provide Group-wide support and coordination:

  • Finance
  • Actuarial and risk management
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Market development
  • Brand services

581 employees at the end of 2018

Our Global Presence

Sanlam is one of the 50 largest internationally active insurance groups in the world with a direct and indirect presence in 44 countries. Through SEM, Sanlam has the most extensive insurance footprint on the African continent.

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Our Stakeholders: The Basis of Our Relationship

Sanlam’s strategic intent is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. The package of BBBEE transactions was the topic of most intense stakeholder engagement during 2018, as it involved investors, regulators and business partners. Read more about our stakeholder groups and relationships.

Providers of skills and expertise that support the activities underlying Sanlam’s business model

Providers of financial capital at a Sanlam Group level

Providers of products and services that enable Sanlam to conduct its business activities

Co-investors in Sanlam businesses where appropriate

The base from which demand for Sanlam’s financial solutions is generated, and from which human resources are employed

Partners to Sanlam’s education, social and enterprise development programmes

Providers of financial stability and a sustainable environment for financial services through prudential and market conduct regulation

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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