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Shareholder Centre

Why Invest in Sanlam?

Sanlam has transformed from a small Cape-based insurance company established in 1918 into a leading, diversified financial services group with the biggest non-banking financial services footprint on the African continent.

We have been creating value and contributing to financial resilience and prosperity for more than 100 years – for all our stakeholders.

Why invest in Sanlam

Frequently Asked Shareholder Questions

Find answers to your questions about shareholding, trading, how to change your details, how dematerialization works and much more. We also explain what responsible shareholding means and provide a glossary of terms.

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Shareholder Representatives

Every year at the annual general meeting, shareholders can vote to elect or re-elect board members to represent them for the year. Shareholders also appoint the members of the Sanlam Audit, Actuarial and Finance committee. Read more about our current board members in their profile summaries.

Sanlam’s Credit Rating

As a leader in personal and business finance, we strive to lead by example. Through strong leadership and strict Group policies, we have maintained satisfactory credit ratings across all divisions of the Sanlam Group for many years. Find out more about the Group's ratings as issued by Standard & Poors (S&P).

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Share Value Indicator

RoGEV is a robust forward-looking financial performance indicator that primarily measures the value we add for our shareholders. Given the direct relationship over the long term between shareholder and other stakeholder value creation, RoGEV also indirectly reflects how successful we are in creating value for our other material stakeholders.

Understanding RoGEV

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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