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Why Invest in Sanlam

  • We have been creating value and contributing to financial resilience and prosperity for more than 100 years – for all our stakeholders.
  • We are well diversified: our financial solutions meet the full individual or organisational life cycle needs for all financially active income groups in 44 countries.
  • Our large, stable South African base, which contributes 72% to net result from financial services, and mature book allows us to invest in other high-growth, but more volatile, territories through a partnership model.
  • We have a first-move advantage in the Rest of Africa and an unmatched Pan-African presence in 35 countries on the continent.
  • Our omni-channel distribution approach creates seamless interaction and comprehensive support to enhance the personal intermediary model – encompassing more than 15 000 brokers and advisers – with a strong direct sales capability.
  • Our strategy has remained consistent since 2003. Our purpose and strategic pillars remain relevant and continue to create value over the short, medium and long term. This enabled us to outperform our RoGEV target since listing in 1998.
  • We have a skilled and experienced management team with more than 133 years’ collective experience. They have appropriate accountabilities and incentives linked to financial and non-financial indicators to drive high performance.
  • We increase our dividends in real terms through a stable dividend policy.

Our Main Sources of Earnings

We offer our clients a large and diversified range of solutions across life insurance; general insurance; investment management; credit and structuring; and administration, health and other lines of business. Our solutions span the broad spectrum of financial services, but specifically excludes transactional banking. Our strategy is to partner with banks in providing non-banking financial solutions rather than to compete directly with them across all lines of business. This ensures a mutually beneficial partnership through appropriate focus on the respective areas of expertise.

Our main sources of earnings are the net operating profit we earn from our different lines of business (net result from financial services) and the net income we earn from investing discretionary capital and the capital allocated to our operations in the financial markets (net investment return). Current and expected future growth in these sources of earnings is the main driver behind shareholder value creation as measured by RoGEV, our main financial performance indicator.

Read more about the drivers behind our main sources of earnings and RoGEV in the Understanding our business section.

How We Earn Trust

Our long-term success is fundamentally built on trust. Clients entrust us with their money for the long term based on the belief that we will honour the financial outcomes promised by our solutions. This trust is founded on a culture of offering sound advice, fair treatment and a range of financial solutions that meet clients’ needs and expectations.

Sanlam is also an integral part of the societies in which we operate through our role as accumulator and allocator of client and shareholder funds. We have a responsibility to allocate and invest these funds in a manner that optimises long term returns for our clients and shareholders, while also benefiting our wider stakeholder groups. In this regard, we play a particularly meaningful role in ensuring stability and liquidity in the financial sector. This creates an environment where our clients and their communities are more resilient and can plan for their financial futures with a higher degree of certainty.

Sanlam’s contribution to society is also shaped by initiatives that support entrepreneurship, education, economic growth and environmental–related risk management.

Governance structures enable us to consider and balance the needs of all of our stakeholders. We believe that this creates sustainable value and trust.

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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