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Dividends Dividends


Dividend dates

Dividend for 2018 declared7 March 2019
Last date to trade for 2018 dividend9 April 2019
Shares will trade ex-dividend from10 April 2019
Record date for 2018 dividend12 April 2019
Payment of dividend for 201815 April 2019
Declaration of dividend for 2019March 2020
Payment of dividend for 2019April 2020

To allow for the dividend calculation, Sanlam’s share register (including Sanlam’s two nominee companies, namely Sanlam Share Account Nominee (Pty) Limited and Sanlam Fundshares Nominee (Pty) Limited), will be closed for all transfers, off-market transactions and dematerialisations or rematerialisations between Wednesday 10 April 2019 and Friday 12 April 2019, both dates included.

Transactions on the JSE via Strate are not affected by this arrangement.

Dividend policy

Sanlam’s dividend policy makes a clear distinction between operating earnings (net result from financial services), which is the key driver of dividends, and investment return earned on the capital portfolio. The level of capital allocated to the Group’s operations is determined to ensure that regulatory solvency levels will be maintained within a set target range, taking into account potential volatility in investment market returns. The key features of Sanlam’s dividend policy, and the interaction with discretionary capital, can be summarised as follows:

  1. Our dividend is not impacted by short-term volatility caused by the net investment return component of our earnings.
  2. Potential volatility in net investment return is taken into account in setting our required capital levels. We can withstand severe investment market volatility and still remain within our target solvency range.

Dividend calculator

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