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Sustainability 2017 Sustainability


At Sanlam, we’ve spent the past 100 years building financial futures and lasting financial prosperity.

We’re responsible for building a world others will inherit by finding sustainable solutions to our unique challenges and creating lasting value that empowers individuals, uplifts communities and possible protects our environment. This is the essence of our purpose, which has remained unchanged since 1918: to build a world of Wealthsmiths™, supporting people in living their best possible lives through financial resilience and prosperity at the individual, organisational and societal levels.

Our strategic intent is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. We take our role and contribution to a stable financial system seriously and are committed to supporting financial resilience, wellbeing, prosperity and inclusion.

Resilience is about protecting our stakeholders against the potential negative financial consequences of unexpected events. We create financial prosperity through enhancing peoples’ ability to maintain financial independence beyond their income-generating capability.

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The Resilience Report

Resilience generally describes the capacity of a system, be it an individual, an organisation, the environment or an economy, to absorb internal and external shocks, and deal with change. Our Resilience report explains our insights and strategic response to financial resilience and prosperity in all the markets where we are present.

Download the Resilience Report.

SCOR Annual Conference 2018

Sanlam is working toward sustainable insurance through collective efforts to create resilience. Group Chief Executive Ian Kirk made a presentation at the SCOR Annual Conference 2018, explaining why and how Sanlam embeds Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) considerations into its strategy, inspired by the United Nations Principles for Sustainable Insurance.

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Sanlam stakeholder network

Sanlam’s strategic intent is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. While we operate in an extended universe of stakeholders, we identify and select our material stakeholders on the basis of their impact on Sanlam’s business and the successful execution of our strategy. We are committed to mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders.

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Transformation and empowerment

We define transformation broadly to include:

  • economic transformation to reduce wealth inequality
  • diversifying our employee profile to reflect the demographics of our client base and societies where we operate
  • transforming our distribution channels and operations in line with technological and regulatory developments
  • transforming everything we do in line with the changing needs and preferences of our clients.

Sanlam Foundation

The Sanlam Foundation is Sanlam’s primary corporate social investment (CSI) vehicle and is focused on shared-value initiatives that fulfil the needs of society and business. Various CSI initiatives that are aligned with the Group’s priorities are also conducted in the country by SEM. In support of Sanlam’s purpose, all business clusters pursue a specific set of outcomes that build financial resilience and prosperity for society. These outcomes include, among others, development of entrepreneurship, consumer financial education and skills development.

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