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Sustainability 2018 Sustainability 2018


What Sustainability Means to Us

Our story is one of empowering ordinary people, of creating financial resilience and prosperity and of adapting to changing times. We continue to go from strength to strength, knowing our positive impact on the people and societies we serve will be our future legacy – as it has been for 100 years.

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How We Manage Sustainability

Our governance structures and risk management approach combine to create a comprehensive system that supports our contribution to financial resilience and prosperity.

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Looking Back on 2018

We take our role and contribution to a stable and inclusive financial system seriously and remain true to our purpose: to build a world where people can live their best possible lives through financial resilience and prosperity.

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Our Sustainability Performance at a Glance

Transforming our Reporting: About This Sustainability Portal

In every part of our business, we are focused on the future and building things that last. This same thinking is transforming our reporting and how we communicate with our stakeholders. We are transitioning to fully integrated online reporting and are no longer producing a print version of our sustainability report. Instead we have developed a sustainability portal that is more interactive, helps us save paper and money and reduces our carbon footprint.

This sustainability portal forms part of our Annual Reporting Suite – a combination of targeted elements made available to our stakeholders to enable them to make informed assessments about our performance and prospects. This portal provides readers with material information and insights about our non-financial performance for the financial year from 1 January to 31 December 2018. We take a longer-term view to enable readers to effectively assess value creation abilities, sustainability and prospects. This centre is part of our commitment to transparent and relevant stakeholder reporting and is enhanced through personal interaction and feedback.

This centre is part of our new investor centre, which was launched on the Sanlam website. The investor centre contains our Annual Reporting Suite, supplemented by additional information on performance, strategy, governance, shareholding and archived elements. This allows us to update some components of our reporting suite continuously and gives readers the ability to search for specific topics.

We continue building on the last few years’ efforts to integrate and improve our financial and non-financial reporting. In 2017 we explained the process we followed to identify financial resilience and prosperity as the theme encapsulating material sustainability matters. We continue applying this theme, with further refinement after a consultative process with our five business clusters during 2018. These matters are specifically addressed in the cluster reports and in this portal.

We follow a combined assurance approach to support the integrity of information. This approach comprises internal management and audit functions, and external service providers.

In addition, we engaged Ernst & Young Inc. (EY) to perform an independent external assurance engagement (Limited Assurance) for selected key performance indicators listed below (follow the link to view the selected key performance indicators).

Download EY’s independent limited assurance report.

Feedback on this report and the Annual Reporting Suite is welcomed. Please contact Sanlam Investor Relations on

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