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Developing and Leveraging Skill Sets

We are developing, leveraging and transferring skills within and between the markets we operate in to create value and identify opportunities for our business units and clients.

Key Performance Indicators

Investment in Leadership training

R3,8 million (2017: R1,48 million)

Number of South African secondments in the Rest of Africa

2 (2017: 3)

Proportion of senior management hired from local communities

Over 95% (2017: 95%)

A New Operating Model for Growth

Following the Saham Finances acquisition, Sanlam Emerging Markets’ footprint is largely complete. We now have an unmatched position in terms of competitors and have a significant multinational opportunity. The onboarding of the Saham Finances businesses is therefore a critical success factor in the short term. A new operating model was designed to optimise the relevant strengths of the respective teams now joining a larger group.

Communicating, engaging and training

To help onboard the Saham Finances businesses, Sanlam Emerging Markets implemented a human resource change management framework in 2018 to ensure all employees are engaged and working hard to achieve:

  • Communication to build clarity
  • Engagement to build commitment
  • Training to build capability

We are using e-mail, video links, newsletters, employee interventions, surveys and competitions to communicate with employees. Messaging will include insights into the culture, values and vision of Sanlam Emerging Markets and of Sanlam more broadly, and we will also share information about Saham with Sanlam Emerging Markets’ existing employees.

Understanding the Risks and Opportunities Associated with Our Growing Footprint

Diversified growth initiatives and the implementation of our Pan-African strategy bring operational complexity and other strategic risks as our footprint grows. Read more about how we are mitigating these strategic risks and leveraging opportunities.

Enhancing Sanlam Emerging Markets’ Skill Sets to Deliver Sustainable Value

Sanlam Emerging Markets introduced a leadership programme for middle and senior managers within our partner companies in 2017. In 2018, 33 (2017:35) managers across 10 (2017: 11) countries participated in and successfully completed the programme. The countries represented included Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria. The programme aims to develop the competency of managers in our partner companies by focusing on management and strategy fundamentals that will help employees lead themselves and their teams ethically and effectively and exceed expectations.

In 2018, Sanlam Emerging Markets also introduced an emerging leader’s programme, which aims to prepare chosen employees for their future responsibilities and help them contribute towards the growth and development of our businesses. Importantly, it enables Sanlam Emerging Markets to begin building networks to improve regional performance and service to clients, while enhancing the cluster’s leadership skills. Intended outcomes include:

  • Transitioning from solo work to managing others;
  • Managing a team successfully by sharing information, offering autonomy, being aware of people’s needs, and providing direction;
  • Communicating effectively with teams, both in writing and verbally;
  • Planning short- and long-term goals, defining work objectives and managing conflicting priorities; and
  • Delegating effectively.

In 2018, 29 delegates from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania attended and completed the programme, which was held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Committed to Africa, Our People and Their Potential

“X marks the spot”, our brand campaign launched in October 2018, plays on the idea that a seemingly inconsequential spot could become the birthplace of future ideas, solutions and communities.

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