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Embedding a Sound Compliance Culture

Embedding a sound compliance culture in Sanlam means that compliance is understood for the obligations it creates and for the rights and protections it affords the Group and our stakeholders.

We comply with applicable laws, nonbinding rules, codes and standards in all jurisdictions in which we operate and have a policy to guide us in this regard. The Risk and Compliance committee advises and assists the Board in overseeing governance of compliance by setting the direction for how compliance should be approached and addressed in Sanlam. Read more in our governance report.

Regulation as an Enabler of Resilience

Our ability to contribute to resilience and create value for stakeholders is linked to evolving regulation, as it creates the environment within which we operate and compete. Regulations aimed at the fair treatment of clients, fair competition between product providers and the prevention of large-scale corporate failures and financial instability contribute significantly to the trust clients have in the industry. We support the major regulatory developments currently being considered as these are largely in line with these resilience and sustainability objectives.

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We also recognise that uncertainty and simultaneous regulatory implementation pose a strategic risk to our business. This risk is mitigated by taking a proactive approach to investigating and formulating views on regulatory proposals facing the financial services industry. Read more about how we are mitigating our strategic risks and leveraging opportunities.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct

Sanlam has evolved into a diversified financial services group operating in an everchanging environment. However, one thing remains constant despite the change in operating environment – our commitment to our values. Our Code of Ethical Conduct applies to all Sanlam businesses and employees and serves as a guide to ensure that all businesses and employees uphold the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct.

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