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Protecting All Forms of Human Rights

We Protect and Respect

Sanlam believes that business can only flourish in societies where human rights are protected and respected. We adhere to the International Bill of Human Rights and are committed to respecting all internationally recognised human rights that are relevant to our operations. We understand that not every country within which we have businesses adheres to the International Bill of Human Rights in all respects. In these countries, while we will always respect the rule of law, we will also, insofar as we are able, participate constructively in industry and other forums which seek to increase alignment to the International Bill of Human Rights.

All Sanlam employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from any form of unfair discrimination based on religion, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, disabilities or nationality. As a responsible corporate citizen, we accept our responsibility to help tackle structural and systemic discrimination, and strive to create workplaces that respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.

The Sanlam Group has policies and procedures that forbid any form of harassment in the workplace.

The Group has policies and procedures that forbid any form of harassment in the workplace. The policies also discourage workplace bullying and detail measures to constantly monitor the effective application of these policies. Our whistleblowing process encourages employees to report behaviours, incidents or activities that they believe are wrong through a safe and confidential channel. The grievance procedure further enables employees to raise any issues they have in the workplace.

Sanlam supports eliminating all forms of forced labour and child labour.

Although Sanlam operates in a professional services sector where the risk of child labour is not high, we actively support the protection of children against exploitation. We stand against the procurement of goods and services where child labour is known to be involved in the production supply chain of goods and services.

In South Africa the minimum age for employment is 15 years of age or the minimum school leaving age in terms of any law. Children are not permitted to perform work or services that are inappropriate for their age, or that puts the child’s well-being, education, physical or mental health, spiritual or moral or social development at risk. These conditions are set out in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997 (last amended in 2018). Sanlam complies with all legislation in all territories where we operate. Read more about our compliance approach and controls in the 2019 Sanlam Governance Report.

We are committed to employee development and promote training of all employees to improve skills and knowledge.

We are committed to employee development and promote training of all employees to improve skills and knowledge. Training is provided internally and externally with set development plans in line with personal development plans for each employee. Read more about employee development in the Sanlam Group 2019 Resilience Report. Work-life balance is a necessary aspect for employees’ well-being. We always strive to make life a little easier by offering flexible working hours, access to convenience services and the Sanlam Wellness programme.

The Sanlam Group is committed to providing workplaces which support freedom of association and provide employees with the right to organise themselves and participate in collective bargaining arrangements.

Sanlam does not have a recognition agreement with any union in South Africa.

Sanlam upholds remuneration practices that are fair and non-discriminatory and complies with the requirements of minimum wage legislation.

Read more about our remuneration approach and implementation in the 2019 Sanlam Remuneration Report.

The Sanlam Group actively promotes gender equity in the workplace.

Read more about initiatives to support equality, transformation and diversity in the Sanlam Group 2019 Resilience Report.

We recognise that Sanlam may only terminate employment where necessary, and only after fair processes have been followed in cases of misconduct or negligence.

Termination of employment may also arise as a result of organisational restructuring. In such cases, we adhere to strict compliance with the law and internal policies and procedures.

Oversight and Responsibility for Human Rights

The protection of human rights forms part of the Social, Ethics and Sustainability committee’s mandate. The committee reviews all sustainability-related matters on a quarterly basis, including legal, regulatory and ethical compliance related to human rights. The committee brings any relevant matters within the scope of its mandate, including transgressions, to the attention of Sanlam’s Board. The Group is committed to act on any human rights issues.

No human rights incidents were reported during 2019.

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