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Sustainability 2020 Sustainability | Financial resilience & empowerment | Sanlam

Sustainability 2020

Introducing resilience

In our world, resilience means that organisations, environments and economies can absorb the potential negative financial consequences of internal or external shocks. As one of the biggest internationally active insurance groups in the world, Sanlam plays an important role in creating and maintaining a sustainable system that is able to adapt and flourish. We do this by helping people realise their financial goals over their lifetime and achieve financial confidence, security and prosperity over generations.

2020 Resilience Report

How we govern sustainability

As the world evolves, we create new responses to changing economic, social and political environments in ways that balance different interests responsibly. We are also conscious that we have to be transparent in how we make these choices and allow stakeholders to shape our thinking.

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Our stakeholders

At Sanlam we aim to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. We have a vast network of stakeholders who have been part of our journey since 1918. Our relationships with them are based on trust and a mutual interest in empowering generations to be financially confident, secure and prosperous. We continue to optimise how we interact with our stakeholders.

Resilient stakeholder relationships

Our lessons from nature

In the spirit of learning from the COVID-19 pandemic experience, we feature a few fascinating lessons from nature in our Resilience Report. These examples echo our theme of resilience, and emphasise how our planet and all its creatures have the ability to create innovative survival mechanisms over time.

Lessons from nature

Resilience at a glance

Resilience at a glance

We welcome feedback

We encourage active engagement and appreciate feedback from our stakeholders. Let us know how we can expand our sustainability contribution and meet your information needs.

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