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Sanlam Marine Insurance Cover

Tailor-made Marine Insurance

If someone slips and falls at your premises, for example, whether you own a small private craft or run a multi-national company, we have the depth of expertise to cover you. At Sanlam General Insurance, our expertise in this unique field of insurance allows us to understand the risks associated with your business and provide cover that is tailor-made to suit your specific needs. From ship damage and maritime construction risks, to natural catastrophes and piracy we understand how to cover your business and your most valuable assets.

Why should you insure your business with Sanlam General Insurance?

We are part of Africa’s largest marine insurer in terms of product range, footprint and capacity. In addition, we are backed up and supported by our holding company and the leading short-term insurer in Kenya, Sanlam. We offer clients a supreme product offering with tailor-made solutions that cover all modes of transport – over sea, air, road and rail, internationally and locally. Our specialized and centralized claims team is based in Johannesburg, allowing for efficient claims handling with detailed regular feedback to clients.

We have a broad network of specialized surveyors and loss adjuster’s world-wide who are skilled in assessing a loss and pursuing recoveries against third parties where required. We believe in a forward-thinking approach when it comes to insurance. This is why we have associations with numerous well-known legal firms that keep us informed on international laws and contracts, as well as accurate interpretation of liability requirements.

Our range of solutions

Provides cover for:

  1. Marine cargo (includes imports and exports)
  2. Hull (includes commercial, fishing and pleasure craft)
  3. Transit and related liabilities (includes goods in transit, haulers liability)
  4. Marine liabilities

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Marine cargo (includes imports and exports)

There are numerous risks associated with marine cargo that could result in partial damage or complete loss. You therefore need to ensure that you are covered for this risk.

Below is a brief breakdown of what we offer:

  • Covers physical loss or damage to all cargo being imported or exported around the world
  • Cover extends to insure all transit legs internationally and locally
  • Project cargo can be extended to include delay in start-up under an advanced loss of profit policy

NOTE: We also offer a stock throughput policy, which offers start to finish cover from the supplier’s factory and right through to covering all modes of transport, including any storage warehouses worldwide to final delivery.

Hull (includes commercial, fishing and pleasure craft)

Vessels of all shapes and sizes are subject to some extreme conditions and risks. We understand these risks and offer you the cover you need.


Damage to your vessel could have devastating effects on your business that you did not plan for.

Below is a brief breakdown of what this cover entails:

Cover for your fishing vessels, diamond recovery vessels and charter vessels that are used on a commercial basis.
Note: You have the option of choosing a policy that covers total loss only right through to various extensions depending on the age and value of the vessel concerned.

Pleasure craft

We offer a wide range of cover for all types of pleasure craft. Our cover takes into account the use of the vessel from inland waterways (i.e. rivers and dams) as well as outland waterways (blue waters), right through to deep sea fishing and international yacht racing.

Note: Cover can also be extended to include numerous liability requirements if required.

Transit and related liabilities

There are numerous risks associated with goods being moved or transported, for both the owner and the carrier of the goods. You therefore need to ensure you are adequately covered for this risk.

Goods in transit

This cover is suitable for clients who need insurance for local transit.
This includes:

  • Road
  • Rail
  • Air
  • Sea shipments

Note: This specialized section can also be extended to include warehousing as a stock throughput section.

Haulers liability (transporters)

This section is suitable for haulers that are responsible for moving cargo, who might not necessarily own the goods that are being transported.

This provides cover for:
Goods in the care, custody or control of a carrier, either under contract or under common law. This section is set up to cover the risks associated with loss or damage to the cargo.

Marine Liabilities

Marine liability covers you in the event that yourself or employees are held legally liable for the following instances:

  • Ship Repairer’s liability
  • Container’s liability
  • Marina Operator’s liability
  • Boat building liability
  • Stevedore’s liability
  • Charterer’s liability
  • Freight Forwarder’s liability

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Sanlam General Insurance, Gateway Place, Jakaya Kikwete Road.
P.O. Box 60656 - 00200 Nairobi Kenya

Telephone: 071 903 5131 / 020 271 3131

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