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It’s taking what’s earned, understanding what it took to make it and being able to give more of it back.

With years of private wealth management experience, our Sanlam financial planners and wealth managers can advise you on where to invest your money. Taking into account your current circumstances and goals, we can advise you on suitable products, providers and asset classes so that you make the most of your money.

Private Wealth Management

Our wealth management teams take into account your current circumstances, your goals and the level of risk you feel comfortable with to create an integrated strategic plan. With years of industry experience and expertise, our wealth managers will advise you on where to invest your money.

We keep the following key factors in mind to ensure you achieve your investment objectives:

  • We evaluate the tax regime to ensure you achieve your investment goals while minimising your tax exposures
  • We ensure that the process of your investment growth is transparent and prudently acquired
  • We ensure that you have the best team to guide you every step of the way in meeting your financial goals

High Net-worth Client Services

Sanlam offers high net-worth clients customised investment management solutions, structured to meet your investment objectives within the given parameters.

This investment option is ideal for high net-worth clients seeking a convenient, low risk, hassle free cash management solution. Cash management provides competitive, specific and predictable returns on your investment and minimises risk. This in turn provides ease of access to your cash.

Cash Management is available in both Kenya shilling and US dollar options.

Benefits are:

  • Above-market average return
  • Predictable return
  • Liquidity of investment
  • Your investment has a dedicated segregated management account
  • Your funds are available within a one- to three-month period on submission of your request
  • All clients’ assets are safely secured under a custody account
  • All interest accrued up to the point of withdrawal is paid to the client
  • There are no penalties for withdrawals*
  • *Terms and conditions apply.

The segregated client account is invested directly in individual securities as opposed to pooled funds. As an individual your investment is customised to suit your special areas of investment interest – be it debt instruments, shares, money market instruments, offshore investments or a portfolio of all of these instruments. Segregated accounts have different privileges and requirements. Our portfolio managers create investment models that best suit your investments.

For our pooled portfolios we draw in funds from numerous investors and combine them for the purpose of investment. As an investor in a pooled portfolio you benefit from the economies of scale, saving on costs of investments because of the higher value of investments made, which ensures that you maximise your investment return.

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