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We all have different reasons for wanting to grow our money and different preferences in terms of how we want to do it.

To help you meet your goals and dreams, while still enjoying the lifestyle you have today, we offer you a range of investment options. We recommend speaking to a financial planner to ensure that you make the best decision for your circumstances and needs.

Unit Trusts

Take control of your financial future by investing in our range of unit trusts.

Whatever your investment goal, we can help you create and grow your investment portfolio through our range of unit trusts. You don’t have to invest a lot of money or spend time to understand and navigate the share markets yourself. Our dedicated investment team has the proven skills to manage risks and to create consistent, sustainable performance.

Fixed interest funds

Sanlam Namibia Money Market Fund Download PDF 
Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund Download PDF 
Sanlam Namibia Active Fund Download PDF 

Multi Asset Class Fund

Sanlam Namibia Inflation Linked Fund Download PDF 
Sanlam Namibia All Namibian Fund Download PDF 
Sanlam Namibia Balanced Fund Download PDF 

Real Estate Funds

Sanlam Namibia Property Fund Download PDF 

Equity Funds

Sanlam Namibia General Equity Fund Download PDF 
Sanlam Namibia Value Fund Download PDF 

Offshore Funds

Sanlam Namibia Global Fund Download PDF 

Conversion of investment from the Reversionary Bonus Fund to our Stable Bonus Fund

In an effort to ensure that you always get the most out of your investment, Sanlam will convert your investment from the Reversionary Bonus Fund product to our Stable Bonus Fund product.

The rules of the Stable Bonus Fund are transparent and ensure that bonuses are distributed fairly.

Stable Fund Rules

Reversionary Bonus Products ENG
Individual Smoothed Bonus Products ENG


Application Form - Individual Investors ENG
Application Form - Non-Individual Investors ENG
Additional Investment Form ENG
Cession Form ENG
Investor Details Update Form ENG
Disinvestment Form ENG
Switching Form ENG
Transfer Form ENG
Terms and Conditions ENG

Buy Unit Trusts Now

Sanlam Family Savings Plan

The Sanlam Family Savings Plan enables you to make your financial dreams a reality. This plan provides a tax-free lump sum after a minimum of five years.

Download the Sanlam ELM brochure


Secure your child’s future by planning for their education today.

Every parent wants to help their children make the most of life’s opportunities and be self-sufficient. This starts with giving them an education. Get peace of mind about your children’s future by investing in a Sanlam policy that suits your needs.

The Sanlam Family Series
Sanlam Individual Life Products

Begin saving for your child’s education today by investing in our range of unit trusts.

Sanlam Personal Portfolios

The Sanlam Personal Portfolios (SP²) investment platform offers you a wide range of unit trust funds, asset classes and underlying investments from top-performing Namibian, South African and global asset managers to create a portfolio that suits your investment needs. This extensive fund range ensures diversification and, with a high degree of flexibility, you can find a solution that is suitable for you. With the help of your financial planner you can customise your investment according to the amount of risk you’re willing to tolerate as well as your specific financial needs.

Download the Sanlam Namibia Personal Portfolios brochure

Namibian Wrap Funds

SP2 Income Provider wrap fund Download PDF 
SP2 Stable Income wrap fund Download PDF 
SP2 Cautious wrap fund Download PDF 
SP2 Capital Growth Portfolio wrap fund Download PDF 
SP2 Moderately Aggressive wrap fund Download PDF 
SP2 Equity wrap fund Download PDF 
SP2 Namibian World-Wide Flexible Wrap Download PDF 
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