Glacier Asset Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with superior claims service.

We manage the entire claims process in-house, from the appointment of assessors to settlement, which means you have easy access to your claim progress.


Avoid financial setbacks and serious operational disruptions when something happens to your assets.

Types of cover

  • Household contents, specific valuable items (all-risk insurance), domestic buildings, vehicles, small craft, yachts
  • Specialised 4x4 cover for off-road driving (including outside South Africa)
  • Personal accident cover – lump sums in cases of death, injury and disability
  • Personal liability cover
  • Niche insurance, for example artwork and jewellery

Qualifying requirement

Monthly income of minimum R40 000.


The premium you pay for your short-term insurance will depend on the selected insurer and your personal profile (including your loss history, the likelihood of loss of the insured items and the agreed excess).

Why it’s important to have the right insurance

  • The risk of being under-insured:
    When your assets are insured for less than their actual replacement value, you will suffer financial loss even when you claim successfully, as the claim pay-out won’t cover the full replacement amount
  • The risk of being over-insured:
    You shouldn’t pay for cover you don’t need. That is why it is important to speak to a financial planner before you make a decision about your insurance cover