Matrix Income Protection

Excellent cover at attractive rates with the flexibility to add to your benefits.

Matrix Income Protection offers maximum choice and flexibility as well as higher cover amounts at attractive rates. You can combine life insurance, disability cover, critical illness cover and income protection with additional offerings, such as accident cover. The type and level of cover you need depend on your personal needs and circumstances. We recommend that you speak to a financial planner to help you select the most appropriate cover.


  • Receive a monthly income if you lose your income due to being temporarily or permanently unable to work
  • There are three benefit options, which you can combine depending your needs:
    • Disability income, which pays out for the period that you cannot work, which can be either temporary or permanent
    • Temoprary disability income, which only pays out up to 24 months
    • Overhead expenses protector, which helps take care of your business expenses if you are self-employed
  • You cover can be equal to 100% of your monthly income up to age 65. You also have the option to terminate your policy at age 70
  • Your payments are tax deductible

How it works

You make monthly payments until you can prove your loss of income due to illness or injury, according to the relevant definition in the contract documents, or until you reach retirement age. Once you have proof of a loss of income, you can submit a claim for receiving your monthly payments.

How much you will pay

The cost of the insurance will depend, among other things, on your age and your risk profile when you take out the plan.