Matrix Life Insurance

Excellent cover at attractive rates with the flexibility to add to your benefits.

Matrix Life Insurance Cover offers maximum choice and flexibility as well as higher cover amounts at attractive rates. You can combine life insurance, disability cover, critical illness cover and income protection with additional offerings, such as accident cover. The type and level of cover you need depends on your personal needs and circumstances. We recommend that you speak to a financial planner to help you select the most appropriate cover.


  • The costs that life insurance can help your family cover include:
    • Funeral costs
    • Costs associated with the administration of your estate
    • Repaying outstanding debt
    • Regular living expenses
  • Your beneficiaries do not pay tax on the proceeds of your life insurance
  • You can opt for the Final Expense Benefit that will pay out within 48 hours so that your family can cover urgent costs, such as funeral costs and daily essentials
  • If you're diagnosed with a terminal illness and your life expectancy is less than one year, you will recieve an immediate tax-free one-off pay-out
  • We will only ask you for your health and lifestyle information once when you take out the insurance. You don't have to tell us if you change your occupation, lifestyle activities or smoking habits - we'll carry this risk

How it works

  • You make monthly payments until your death
  • When you die, your nominated beneficiaries receive a tax-free one-off pay-out. The amount depends on your specific plan

How much you will pay

The cost of the insurance will depend, among other things, on your age and your risk profile when you take out the plan.