Additional Share Information

Additional information about your Sanlam shares relating to your share account, sending mail, dividends and changing your details.

Consolidation of shareholdings in Sanlam Share Account

If you have more than one account, and there are no reasons for them to be separate (for instance, you prefer to keep your own shares separate form those held on behalf of a trust), you should consolidate these accounts into one with a view to receiving only one dividend payment or circular and paying brokers' fees only once should you sell the shares.

You can request Computershare in writing to do this and supply full particulars of the different accounts and the account in which the consolidation must take place.


Minimum number of shares in Sanlam Share Account

Sanlam Share Account does not allow any share transfers resulting in a shareholding of fewer than 300 shares.

Existing shareholders selling or transferring shares may not be left with fewer than 300 shares in Sanlam Share Account after such a transfer and new shareholders in Sanlam Share Account may not buy or take transfer of fewer than 300 shares.

Shareholders currently holding fewer than 300 shares will be allowed to keep them, but if they want to sell or transfer shares, they will have to sell or transfer all of these shares.


Sending mail

All payment notifications, share certificates, statements and documents sent to you will be sent at your risk. Share certificates will be sent by registered mail. Shareholders are reminded to send share certificates, other documents and instructions by registered mail themselves.

In the interest of providing a more effective communication service, and in support of worldwide efforts to reduce paper consumption, please provide the transfer secretary with your email address and your cellular telephone number. This information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used for the purpose for which it is provided.



You may have your dividends paid directly into your bank account irrespective of whether you hold your shares in Sanlam Share Account or by means of a share certificate.

Sanlam has elected to not make payments by cheque on future dividends declared, owing to the high incidence of fraud associated with cheques.

Therefore, we request you to provide the transfer secretary with the banking details of a South African or Namibian account in your own name, so that you can receive future dividend proceeds, via electronic transfer directly into your bank account.

If for some reason your dividends have not been paid to you, you can contact Computershare in this regard. See fees and costs document for the additional information and/or documents you will have to provide.


Changing personal, address and bank account particulars

If you wish to change any of your personal particulars in the share register at Computershare, such a request should be addressed to Computershare in writing per registered mail and must be accompanied by the additional information and/or documentation as set out in the fees and costs document.