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Sanlam in Emerging Markets

By leveraging our expertise and experience, we are able to provide a wide range of services and resources to support our partners in emerging markets, who in turn provide consumers in their countries with innovative financial solutions.

  • We form partnerships with companies that have an understanding of the local environment/market conditions and share the same values and culture as we do
  • We entrust local boards and management to run the country operations
  • We believe in and support local job creation and skills development



Stokvels - The Power of a Collective - The Power of a CollectiveStokvels - The Power of a CollectiveStokvels - The Power of a Collective2017-09-13T22:00:00ZThe South African stokvel economy, with over 11 million local participants, is currently worth R49 billion. Stokvels are about “the power of a collective.” where individuals come together to pool money towards a common goal. GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
The State of Government Finances State of Government FinancesThe State of Government FinancesThe State of Government Finances2017-09-12T22:00:00ZAfter having been the poster child of sound fiscal practice for a number of years, South Africa’s government finances have experienced a precipitous decline since 2009 into an abyss it will take many years from which to escape. GP0|#a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e;L0|#0a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e|Economic Commentary;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Create an Incontestable Business Will an Incontestable Business WillCreate an Incontestable Business WillCreate an Incontestable Business Will2017-09-11T22:00:00ZAs a business owner, you’re proud of your legacy and therefore a last will and testament is imperative. But, how sure are you that your ‘business will’ is worth the paper it is written on?GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Economic Report - August 2017 Report - August 2017Economic Report - August 2017Economic Report: August 20172017-09-10T22:00:00ZGlobal equity markets reached an all-time high in July as appetite for risk remained relatively robust. Economic data largely supported the global growth story over the month.GP0|#a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e;L0|#0a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e|Economic Commentary;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Sequencing-of-returns risk riskSequencing-of-returns riskSequencing-of-returns risk2017-09-07T22:00:00ZOne of the key risks retirees face is a significant loss in the value of their retirement capital. This is usually as a result of poor investment returns during times of increased market stress.GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Cash as an Investment as an InvestmentCash as an InvestmentCash as an Investment2017-09-06T22:00:00ZThe prevailing economic and market environment has motivated people to embrace cash as an investment alternative. Yet individuals are making emotional decisions and costly errors in judgement due to their lack of understanding. GP0|#2d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2;L0|#02d831847-5d1f-435a-969b-0adba123e9c2|Media Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Conditions for BrightRock Acquisition Fulfilled for BrightRock Acquisition FulfilledConditions for BrightRock Acquisition FulfilledBrightRock Conditions Fulfilled2017-08-31T22:00:00ZThe board of directors of Sanlam wish to advise shareholders that all of the conditions precedent relating to the Transaction have now been fulfilled and the closing process completed. GP0|#c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b;L0|#0c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b|SENS Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Credit Rating Action by Standard Poor's Rating Action by Standard Poor'sCredit Rating Action by Standard Poor'sCredit Rating Action by Standard and Poor's2017-08-22T22:00:00ZAccording to S&P Global Ratings, Sanlam Life’s National Scale Rating has been revised from ‘zaAA-/ zaA-1‘ to ‘zaAAA/ zaA-1+’, and the ratings of the SLI3 and SLI4 subordinated deferrable debt issued by Sanlam Life from ‘zaA-‘ to ‘zaAA’.GP0|#c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b;L0|#0c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b|SENS Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
The Triumph of Cronyism Triumph of CronyismThe Triumph of CronyismThe Triumph of Cronyism2017-08-22T22:00:00ZThe South African political economy discourse has been dominated by the state capture and cronyism. It is of course not alone in being confronted by this scourge. GP0|#a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e;L0|#0a4cac408-7f01-41a6-a2ea-8c22938f373e|Economic Commentary;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Make Your Daughters Money Smart Your Daughters Money SmartMake Your Daughters Money SmartMake Your Daughters Money Smart2017-08-14T22:00:00ZIn South Africa, about 41% of households are female-headed. As social roles evolve, the need to teach girls to manage their finances is crucial.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Financial Planning Is Reinventing Itself Planning Is Reinventing ItselfFinancial Planning Is Reinventing ItselfFinancial Planning Is Reinventing Itself2017-07-11T22:00:00ZThe world is currently poised at a very interesting point and we’re facing significant challenges economically and politically.GP0|#56cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006;L0|#056cb3916-7df4-4eaa-9d6a-19dfbefec006|Expert Opinions;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8
Disposal of Enterprise Group Investments of Enterprise Group InvestmentsDisposal of Enterprise Group InvestmentsDisposal of Enterprise Group Investments2017-06-22T22:00:00ZThe board of directors of Sanlam hereby announces that Sanlam Emerging Markets Proprietary Limited (“SEM”) has entered into agreements on 22 June 2017 with Black Star Holdings Limited.GP0|#c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b;L0|#0c17e7cdc-f777-41a5-9f80-f5892a82ba7b|SENS Releases;GTSet|#7d0e1231-21bf-4e31-84d6-36893b1df032;GPP|#6acee7b7-900a-438f-a8a0-172892c9cea8

Sanlam Awards


Sanlam Employee Benefits

SEB was named Employee Benefits Product Supplier of the Year at the 2015 Financial Intermediary Association of Southern Africa (FIA) Awards


Sanlam Personal Finance

SPF won the Product Supplier of the Year Award in the Investment Products category at the 2015 Financial Intermediary Association of Southern Africa Awards


Sanlam Personal Finance

Sanlam Life scored the best in the 2015 SA Customer Satisfaction Index for the life insurance industry

Sunday Times

Sanlam Group

Johan van Zyl, Group Chief Executive, has been named the Sunday Times Business Leader of the Year 2014 in the annual Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards

Ghana Club

Sanlam Emerging Markets

Enterprise Life by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) – leader in the financial services sector (insurance category) 2012 – Ghana Club 100

PMR Africa award

Sanlam Emerging Markets

Botswana Life Insurance Ltd won a PMR Africa award diamond category

Fund Manager of the Year

Sanlam Investments

Kokkie Kooyman was named Investment Week’s Fund Manager of the Year

Imbasa Yegolide Awards

Sanlam Investments

Principal Officers Association awarded Sanlam Employee Benefits the 2013 Risk Benefit Underwriter of the Year award at the 2013 Imbasa Yegolide Awards for Professional Excellence

Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards


Santam was the winner of the short-term insurance industry category of the 2013/14 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards

Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards

Sanlam Group

Sanlam was named the top rated SA company in the 2012 long-term insurance category of the Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards


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