Frequently asked questions

The answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by current or potential Sanlam shareholders are listed below. If you do not find an answer to your question below, please contact our investor relations team at

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I own Sanlam shares?
How are Sanlam shares traded?
How do I buy shares?
How do I sell shares?
Why and how do I dematerialise my shares?
Are there other ways and reasons to transfer shares?
Are there different Sanlam companies in which I can hold shares?
How do I consolidate my shareholding accounts?
How do I update my contact and personal details?
Is there a minimum number of shares that I have to hold in the Sanlam Share Account?
How and when do I receive dividends?
How do I know at what price Sanlam’s shares are trading?
What are my responsibilities as a Sanlam shareholder?
What happens to my shares if I pass away?
Where can I find information about Sanlam’s performance and the prospects for increasing share value?
Who are Sanlam’s shareholders and what percentage are black?
What happens to unclaimed dividends?
What can I do if I have lost my Sanlam share certificate?


A2X the A2X stock exchange in South Africa
Applicable law

the SSA, section 91A of the Companies Act, FAIS Act and all the applicable rules and directives of any CSDP authorised under the SSA and settlement system operated in conjunction with any CSDP, under any CSD (Strate)

Companies Act the Companies Act of South Africa, No 71 of 2008, as amended
CSDP Central Securities Depository Participant, a body authorised in terms of a Central Securities Depository, Strate, to hold and administer securities on behalf of shareholders
Computershare Computershare Investor Services (Proprietary) Limited (registration number 2004/003647/07). Computershare administers the Sanlam Share Account
Computershare's share dealing service the service provided by Computershare for and on behalf of shareholders (they alone being responsible for the service, as they are not acting as agent for Sanlam or the Sanlam Share Account)
SSA the Securities Services Act, No 36 of 2004
Dematerialise the process in terms of a CSD, Strate, whereby share certificates are converted into an electronic format
FAIS Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, No 37 of 2002
FICA Financial Intelligence Centre Act, No 38 of 2001
JSE the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa
NSX the Namibian Stock Exchange
Sanlam shares shares in Sanlam Life Insurance Limited
Sanlam Share Account The Sanlam Share Account Nominee Pty Ltd (registration number 1998/020664/07) a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanlam Life and a nominee company established to hold Sanlam securities of behalf of shareholders.
Strate an electronic environment to register the settlement of share transactions and record ownership electronically, and regulated by a Central Securities Depository, Strate Limited (registration number 1998/022242/06)