Our strategy is underpinned by our purpose

The continent’s future growth prospects remain strong, and we have an opportunity to use it as a base for inclusive wealth creation that will empower current and future generations to be financially confident, secure and prosperous. Key to this is humanising technology and designing our digitalisation journey around our clients.

Strategy at a glance

Our strategy guides our long-term thinking.



Empowering Sanlam’s purpose through our sustainability pillars

Financial strength, resilience and consistent performance

Trust and reputation

Financial inclusion

Investing in good in people and planet

Partnerships for impact

Thought leadership


Enabled by

  • Data and digital transformation

  • Continuous development of our culture

  • Innovation

  • Partnerships

  • Sustainability


Executed through clusters

Our strategy is executed through business clusters that deliver tailored, comprehensive and client-centric financial solutions to individual and institutional clients.

  • SA Life & Savings
  • Emerging markets
  • Investment Group
  • Santam
  • Fintech
  • Group office



Expand product offering and improve cross sell


Improve client and intermediary experience and efficiency, integrated into a future-fit digital business model


Contribute to inclusive economic participation and support Group strategy

Culture survey

Readying our people and culture to operate in a different way ensures we remain a future-fit organisation


Exploit growth opportunities, empower local communities and gain access to underpenetrated market segments across the continent and where we operate outside Africa

Our strategic ambitions are supported by four key pillars

We are ensuring that we continue to deliver value to all stakeholders, while responding to the future needs of our business, clients and industry. Our core operations continue to deliver strong performance and provide the platform on which to build our future-fit strategic ambitions.

  • People

    • Attract best people
    • Lead and live shared purpose
    • High performance and agile culture
    • Accountability
    • Employee experience
    • Power of diverse workforce
  • Financial

    • Consistent superior returns for shareholders
    • Maintain leadership as the biggest insurer in Africa
    • Proven track record of delivering shareholder returns

  • Sustainable economic impact

    • Invest more than R1trn
    • Diversify the benefits of ownership
    • Powerful ecosystems that utilise digital tech to stimulate economic growth
  • Customers

    • Digital client acquisition to reach 50 million customers across Africa by 2025
    • Best insurer with ecosystem partnership map, in each market
    • Most trusted and secure insurer in each African market

We are maintaining our position as a leading and digitally enabled
Pan-African insurance market leader