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Life Insurance InsuranceSanlam Life Insurance Uganda offers personal and family insurance solutions based on your unique life insurance needs. Contact your financial planner for a personal life insurance quote.Have peace of mind about your and your loved ones’ financial well-being – even if unexpected life events happen. Banner Images/Uganda_LifeP.jpg?RenditionID=8, /uganda/Uganda Banner Images/Uganda_LifeP.jpg?RenditionID=8
General Insurance InsuranceSanlam General Insurance Uganda’s range of general insurance solutions include home, household content, car, travel, all risk and golfer’s insurance. Contact your financial planner for a quote.Protect your personal belongings. Banner Images/Uganda_GeneralP.jpg?RenditionID=8, /uganda/Uganda Banner Images/Uganda_GeneralP.jpg?RenditionID=8
Online Insurance InsuranceGet a quote, file a claim and buy Motor Third party, quickly, conveniently and easy.Get a quote and file a claim, quickly, conveniently and easily. Banner Images/Uganda_Personal.jpg?RenditionID=8, /uganda/Uganda Banner Images/Uganda_Personal.jpg?RenditionID=8


Be certain of your business’ financial well-being despite life’s uncertainties.

At Sanlam in Uganda we offer you a comprehensive range of solutions to assist you with your business and financial needs.



Partner with Sanlam Life Insurance for a range of specialised group risk products.

As a provider of a range of products for organised groups such as employees, volunteers, social clubs, members of associations, students and other similar organisations, we can make your business a winner.

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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