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Simachila M Makwembo

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Commercial Officer

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Chief Operations Officer

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Head Human Resource

Charles Banda

Head Corporate Business

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National Sales Manager IL


Be certain of your financial well-being despite life’s uncertainties.

We cannot predict or sometimes prevent unfortunate events such as sickness, accidents, death or theft. However, these events can have a significant impact on your financial well-being. If you have the right insurance, you can have peace of mind that you will be able to cover unplanned expenses or a loss of income.

This product provides high levels of life cover with medical underwriting. Prospective policyholders will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire, undergo medical tests and complete a financial questionnaire.

Life Guard is term life policy that provides you with high levels of life cover with limited underwriting. In the event of death, the full sum assured is paid to your beneficiaries.

This product provides a daily cash benefit on hospitalisation, a funeral benefit and a dread disease benefit to the immediate family and parents of the policyholder. The level of cover will vary, depending on the plan chosen by the policyholder.

The Angel Life Assurance Plan provides insurance benefits ranging from ZMW 2 500 to ZMW 30 000 on the death of any member of your extended family. This policy can cover a maximum of seven lives which would constitute the main life, spouse, children, parents and extended family.

This product provides high levels of life cover with limited underwriting. Prospective policyholders need to complete a medical questionnaire. Further underwriting or limits on the cover may be set, depending on the answers.

No underwriting is required for this product, which provides you with a mechanism to save for a future event and also provides life cover, which is payable to your nominated dependant.

The policy pays a lump sum equal to the sum assured, should the policyholder, members of the immediate family or any extended family members covered under the policy die. In addition, there is an optional monthly income protection benefit that is payable if the principal life assured dies. This product is sold to Standard Chartered Bank’s clients through the SCB Bancassurance Scheme.

This product provides hospitalisation cover for the client, spouse and children, and requires no underwriting. It also offers a daily allowance to the insured, subject to the conditions of the policy. It is sold to Standard Chartered Bank’s clients through the SCB Bancassurance Scheme.

This product requires no underwriting and provides a mechanism to save for a future event as well as life cover, which is payable to the policyholder’s nominated dependent. The savings component of the product is a unit-linked savings fund. Other features include a death and maturity value as well as an inflation protector.

Through Sancare Medical Insurance we also offer our clients modern medical insurance solutions that are tailor-made to suite today's lifestyle.


Be certain of your business’ financial well-being despite life’s uncertainties.

EnterPrize Life

EnterPrize Life allows the Principle of a small business to insure staff who are critical to the business. In the event of a tragedy, the business will receive the life insurance claim payment so that your business can continue.

That is not all, the small number of staff the business owner may employ who are possibly friends or even family members, are also covered so that their dependents receive a lump sum in the event of a tragedy.


Partner with Sanlam for a range of specialised group risk products.

As a provider of group life and disability benefits, institutional investments, risk services and more to institutions and retirement, we can also make your business a winner.

Our Group Life Product provides annual cover to employees of a registered company, and the premium is paid by the employer. It covers the risk of death, and total permanent disability (TPD) is offered as a rider benefit at an additional premium of 40% of the group life premium. Upon death or TPD of an employee, a lump sum is paid to the employer to pay to the beneficiary.

This policy covers the funeral expenses of the employee and immediate family members. The cover provided is between ZMK500 000 and ZMK15 000 000 per life. It covers the risk of death, and the cover provided is for one year.

Our Credit Life Policies are offered to companies, microfins and banks. It covers the outstanding balance of a loan as well as death and disability. The beneficiary is the lender and a single premium is paid up front. At the moment we cover the key man using credit life terms.

This is a single premium annuity with an escalation option of 0%, 2.5%, 5% or 15%. In return for the single premium, the policyholder (annuitant) will receive regular annuity payments which will continue until death.

The target market includes:

  • Employees who have reached retirement age and have been paid a lump sum
  • Employees who have been retrenched and have been paid lump sum retrenchment benefits
  • Beneficiaries of group life and personal accident (or any life product) death benefits (including PTD) who may need regular annuity payments rather than a lump sum payment. Often, the amounts paid are large and the beneficiaries may not have the experience to handle large amounts.
  • Pension schemes that are winding up and want to give their members annuity payments
  • Generally, all who have a lump sum and don’t want to outlive their income

This product is sold to retirees and bought using a lump sum. It has a guarantee of 0, 5 or 10 years and the benefit is paid monthly, quarterly or annually. It includes a joint life option and commences immediately after being taken out.

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3rd Floor, Room 403
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