Equity Fund

This fund gives you cost-effective access to our intellectual capital and investment expertise.

This fund offers a carefully selected, well diversified basket of shares from all sectors on the JSE. The investments are subject to rigorous, in-depth research and adhere to our pragmatic value investment philosophy.

Minimum contribution

R100 000 lump sum
No minimum for additional contributions

How long should you invest for?

We recommend a minimum of three years, as this fund is managed with a 3-year investment time horizon.

Whom is this fund suitable for?

Long-term investors who want concentrated equity exposure through a diversified portfolio of shares.

Your investments

Access to a wide selection of quality JSE-listed shares:

  • a range of quality companies from the resource, consumer goods and financial sectors
  • local or offshore holdings


  • You can earn above-average total returns (capital and income)
  • You don’t pay capital gains tax (CGT) until you sell out of the fund
  • Pricing is done on a daily basis, which means you can stay informed of your investment performance
  • The fund is highly regulated, which means you can have peace of mind about the safety of your investment

How it works

  • Once you have made the decision to invest in the Equity Fund, you must complete an investment mandate
  • We then invest your money in the underlying investments
  • Your money can grow over time based on your underlying investments and compound interest earned on any growth
  • You can choose to take the income from the underlying investments (interest and dividends) in cash or to reinvest it to further the growth on your money


  • You don’t pay CGT until you sell out of the fund
  • You pay income tax on interest and dividend withholding tax on all dividends


  • With no initial cost, the fund provides a cost-effective way to grow your assets
  • Annual management fee: 1.5%
  • Please speak to your financial advisor if you want to know more about the annual management fee

Why get financial advice

It is important to bear in mind that any investment has some risk and that you may not get everything back that you invested. We therefore recommend that you consult a financial advisor who can help you find the most appropriate products for your needs and circumstances.