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About Sanlam Namibia

Originally established as a life insurance company in 1928, we’ve grown into a leading financial services group with our head office in Windhoek and branch offices throughout Namibia.

We are a committed group of financial experts who, through innovation and superior performance, aim to add value to all spheres of your life.

Although we offer excellent financial services, including life insurance, retirement annuities, savings products, unit trusts and trust services, we're not just about premiums and policies. We also provide intelligent investment and risk products to Namibian group funds and schemes.

And, far more importantly, our first-class financial planners are committed to thinking strategically when it comes to your money.

Vision, Mission and Values

The vision of Sanlam Namibia is to be the first in Financial Services.

The mission of Sanlam Namibia is to grow shareholder value and provide financial peace of mind to our stakeholders through:

  • Trusted advice
  • Wealth creation
  • Sustainable profitability
  • Corporate social investment
  • Empowered and motivated employees

In carrying out our duties and responsibilities, we uphold the following corporate values:

  • Accountability: We are responsible and answerable to stakeholders for our decisions and actions.
  • Integrity: We walk our talk; our personal and professional conduct are consistent with the common public good; we are trustworthy (being honest, sincere and ethical in all we do)
  • Passion: We employ people with a zest for life and work; who are fully engaged with work and life (being excited and enthusiastic about what we do)
  • Innovative: We foster and reward dynamic and creative contributions

Board of Directors

Sanlam Namibia Holdings (Pty) Limited

Co. Reg. No. 2004/0154
JC Brandt (Chairman), MK Shikongo (Deputy Chairman), TJR Stears (CEO), HH
Müseler, JN Nghifindaka, DG Claassen (RSA), GL van Heerde (RSA), HC Werth (RSA)
Company Secretary K Coetzee

Sanlam Namibia Limited

Co. Reg. No. 95/301
JC Brandt (Chairman), MK Shikongo (Deputy Chairman), TJR Stears (CEO), HH
Müseler, JN Nghifindaka, DG Claassen (RSA), GL van Heerde (RSA), HC Werth (RSA)
Company Secretary K Coetzee

Life Office of Namibia Limited

Co. Reg. No. 96/0056
JC Brandt (Chairman), MK Shikongo (Deputy Chairman), TJR Stears (CEO), HH
Müseler, JN Nghifindaka, DG Claassen (RSA), GL van Heerde (RSA), HC Werth

Sanlam Namibia Trust Managers Limited

Co. Reg. No. 94/286
TJR Stears (Chairman), DG Claassen (RSA), AM Muller, GL van Heerde (RSA)
Company Secretary K Coetzee

Capricorn Life Assurance Company Limited

Co. Reg. No. 96/0062
JC Brandt (Chairman), MK Shikongo (Deputy Chairman), TJR Stears (CEO), HH
Müseler, JN Nghifindaka, DG Claassen (RSA), GL van Heerde (RSA), HC Werth (RSA)
Company Secretary K Coetzee

BW Financial Advisors (Pty) Limited

Co. Reg. No. 2003/561
TJR Stears (Chairman), CB Matthee, C De Vries
Company Secretary K Coetzee

Sanlam Investment Management Namibia (Pty) Limited

Co. Reg. No. 99/107
A. Aochamub (Chairman), T. Shiimi Ya Shiimi (Chief Executive Officer), T.J.R. Stears, D.E. Egumbo, F. White
Company Secretary K Coetzee

Executive Management Team

Tertius Stears

Tertius Stears

Chief Executive Officer: Sanlam Namibia

Qualifications: BCom (Hons) Management Accounting, CIMA

Tega Shiimi ya Shiimi

Tega Shiimi ya Shiimi

Chief Executive Officer: Sanlam Investment Management

Qualifications: BCom, CFP

Franco Feris

Franco Feris

Chief Executive Officer: Santam Namibia

Qualifications: BCom (Unam); SMDP (Stellenbosch)

Willie Geldenhuys

Willie Geldenhuys

General Manager: Equity and Risk Administration

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma In Education

Anton Muller

Anton Muller

General Manager: Finance and Operations

Qualifications: Hons BCompt, CA

Riaan Liebenberg

Riaan Liebenberg

General Manager: Distribution (ELM)

Qualifications: BSC Agricultural degree

Mulele Simataa

Mulele Simataa

General Manager: Public and Corporate Support

Qualifications: LLM (Economic Law), M Admin, PGDE, BEcon

Mathys du Preez

Mathys du Preez

General Manager: Distribution (Affluent)

Qualifications: BProc (UP); MBL (Unisa); CFP (UOFS)

Karin Coetzee

Riaan Louw

General Manager: Corporate Business Development Namibia / Short Term Africa (South)

Qualifications: BCom, HCII

Karin Coetzee

Karin Coetzee

Senior Manager Legal Services and Company Secretary

Qualifications: LLB (Unisa), H.Dip Tax (Unisa)

Employment Equity

Sanlam Namibia's philosophy is to achieve equity in the workplace thereby fostering a productive and fair work environment. This is reflected in our organisational culture, which encourages understanding and appreciation of the diversity in background of all our employees.

In accordance with the requirements and aims of the Affirmative Action (Employment) Act, no. 29 of 1998, Sanlam Namibia ensures and promotes equal opportunity for all employees or people seeking employment, without unfairly discriminating against any such person or employee on the grounds of race, gender, mental or physical disability.

Sanlam Namibia, as a designated employer, undertakes specific measures to create equity in employment and to employ and develop designated employees in terms of:

  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Selection and placement of employees
  • Training and development
  • Remuneration practices
  • Organisation culture
  • Succession planning and mentorship

Sanlam Namibia is Affirmative Action compliant, as certified by the Equity Commission under the Affirmative Action (Employment) Act, 1998.

Careers at Sanlam

If you are looking for a career where you can hone your skills and work alongside passionate people from various fields, then Sanlam is the place for you. Over the course of many years, we created a dynamic work environment that recognises and respects hard work and dedication when it comes to creating wealth.

We equip our employees with the tools they need to realise their worth, thrive in the world of finance and investments, and ultimately live up to their full potential.

Careers at Sanlam span across a diverse range of financial fields include accounting, actuarial science, investments, IT and many more. To find out more about the various career opportunities that are available at Sanlam visit our Careers page.

Social Investment

Sanlam Namibia takes cognisance of Namibia’s developmental backlog and that it will take the combined efforts of government, business and civil society to implement considered, focused and sustainable initiatives to improve the well-being of all sectors of society.

Social Investment focus areas

The four main focus areas of Sanlam Namibia's corporate social investment and sponsorship programme are:

  • Education and Training
    Sanlam Namibia focuses on encouraging a culture of learning through promoting and developing areas of learning that are relevant to the financial sector. Our initiatives are targeted at individuals (students and educators) as well as educational institutions.
  • Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Development
    With rising unemployment rates and a lack of industries, the challenge in Namibia is to develop and create a culture of entrepreneurship among our leaders of tomorrow – our youth.
  • Health and Welfare Programme
    We are involved in a number of activities to fight serious diseases and to assist the disabled as well as other charity organisations.
  • Sport Development
    We are committed to allocating available resources to sports initiatives that will positively influence the lives and aspirations of all Namibians. The main aim of our sport sponsorship is to unlock inherent sport potential and to unearth the hidden talent and stars in our country.


We are committed to making a difference in our community. Hosting various events throughout the year, Sanlam provides a platform for people to develop their skills and enhance their physical well-being. Photos of the respective events can be viewed below:

Private Schools Sport Weekend 2016
Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

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