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Institutional (Life Insurance) Institutional

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Partner with Sanlam Life Insurance for a range of specialised group risk products.

As a provider of group life and disability benefits, institutional investments, risk services and more to institutions and retirement, we can also make your business a winner.



Group Life Assurance Life AssuranceSanlam Tanzania’s Group Life Assurance policy for employers caters for employees’ death and disability benefits while they are in service.This group life assurance policy for employers caters for the demise while in service as well as disability benefits to employees. , /tanzania/Sanlam Tanzania Banner Images/tanzania_contentbanner1.jpg?RenditionID=8
Group Credit Life Assurance Credit Life AssuranceDo you as a company offer credit facilities to third parties? Let Sanlam Tanzania cover these loans with its Group Credit Life Assurance policy.This policy covers loans advanced by organisations that offer credit facilities to third parties. , /tanzania/Sanlam Tanzania Banner Images/tanzania_contentbanner1.jpg?RenditionID=8
Group Funeral (Last Expense) Funeral (Last Expense)Cover your company’s employees, their spouses and children with Sanlam Tanzania’s group funeral or last expense policy.A group funeral policy (also known as a last expense policy) can cover your employees, their spouses and children. , /tanzania/Sanlam Tanzania Banner Images/tanzania_contentbanner1.jpg?RenditionID=8
Group Endowment EndowmentSanlam Tanzania’s Group Endowment Scheme for companies is an insurance policy that offers life cover, coupled with a savings/investment element.A Group Endowment Scheme is an insurance policy designed to offer life cover, coupled with a savings/investment element. , /tanzania/Sanlam Tanzania Banner Images/tanzania_contentbanner1.jpg?RenditionID=8

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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